Friday, 26 August 2011

Brocolitia to Chesters.

It was a pleasant day to walk in on Sunday, slightly overcast with a nice breeze, but t-shirt weather for walking.

We parked at Brocolitia, where the lovely coffee van is, making a mental note to have a nice coffee on the way back.

Setting off across the fields, there was quite a few walkers out today, even quite large groups of them.

We started off walking down the right hand side of the Military Road and periodically crossing to the other side, then back again. I supposed it runs where access to the land is available.

We passed Black Carts Turret and continued onwards.

We are starting to see less and less of the wall now, not sure when we will see our final piece, I guess we wont know that until we reach the end.  It's a pity it's not marked  (LAST BIT OF WALL BEFORE NEWCASTLE  :)  or something )

Exciting the fields we walked down the main road for a while, sorry about this blurry photo, but it's just to show how far we have actually come.

This is us tagging onto the end of a walking group. Apparently there are companies that provide a walking day, all of these walkers were foreign, it was a little shameful that people from other countries flock to this area when myself, who has live in the area for over 40 years, is just visiting some of it for the first time!

The views are still spectacular even though the walk has now flattened out considerably.

The Vallum is still quite noticeable in places.

Finally leaving the fields, walking through a little village and out onto the main road.  The next part of the walk is mainly on the roadside, which is hard on the feet, grass is much kinder  :)

On route was this fantastic building with a FOR SALE sign outside.  I have since found out it is Chesters Stables, a grade 2 listed building.  Would make a nice holiday cottage I thought  :)  But alas, not for residential use.

Just a few more steps down and we came to a little box on the wall outside Chesters Fort.  It was the stamping station, where we got our next passport stamp.

Into Chesters Fort car park where we had parked.

We ate our packed lunches before setting off to pick up the car from Brocolitia and getting a nice coffee, but OH NO!!!, the coffee van had gone home for the day, gutted.

It was only a 4.25 mile walk this week, which felt like a stroll in the park, our stamina levels much be getting a lot better.

Total walked today- approx 4.25 miles.  Time spent - approx 2.00 hrs walking.

Grand Total - Miles 61 / Time 32.45 hours.


  1. You really are becoming an accomplished hiker!

  2. Or it might be an accomplished "acher", my knees are aching today :)