Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Newtown - Walton

As two of the walking troup had been working all day,we only had time for a short evening walk this week.  Luckily we are still within a decent driving distance just to do a couple of hours.  The weather was also very very hot and clammy which made walking quite tiring.

This week we were joined by my 17 yr old daughter Shona, who had a night off work and fancied a little stroll.

We started off at the Village Green in Newtown, last time we were here it was raining so it was nice to see it in bright sunlight.

We then walked out of the Village, following the acorns that mark the route.

We had to walk more or less into someones garden area, the walkway was not the most obvious we have seen, having to walk between the fence then down a narrow path, before actually walking through someones garden - past their greenhouse and trampoline  :)

Then it was into a fiels full of sheep.  Mrs Sheep was very vocal towards us and was threatening to "see us off" but we just moved quickly past her as to not upset her, she was protecting her babies after all :)

We walked out of Mrs Sheep's field and through a field full of pony's and a horse.  This field has a had which was being protected by two very loud Dalmatians, despite their fierce, threatening barks, their tails were wagging like mad!!

Passing the dogs, we started to descend, we were very thankful that it was nice weather as the steps, I imagine, would be very hazardous if wet, they were very used, polished stones.  The view was gorgeous.

Through another couple of fields brought us to a gorgeous little wooded area, walking over a bridge we crossed a pretty little stream where Dotty Dog had a refreshing drink.

Back out into a Farmers field we had to pass some young male bullocks, these are always worrying to walk past as you never know if they are going to charge or not, they especially don't care for the Dog, even though she was on a lead at that point.

We then walked out onto the road and towards another pretty little wooded area, coming out into another Farmers field where we spotted this sign....

Think he has had some issues in the past  :)

Walking on, my Hubby offered me a bit of a half melted penguin biscuit he found in his rucksack!!.... I declined.

Exiting this field we entered the Village of Walton, a pictureque little place with gorgeous little cottages and the most amazing views.

It also has a pub called The Centurion - not sure if this is still a "working" pub or not, it was shut when we passed around 7pm.

A short rest on the Village chair, then off we trotted down the road to the car.

Dotty was very hot and tired, and slept very soundly that night  :)

Total walked today- approx 2.5 miles.  Time spent - approx 1.00 hrs walking.

Grand Total - Miles 28 / Time 11.45 hours.

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