Thursday, 30 June 2011

Crosby On Eden - Newtown

As we only completed a few miles on Sunday, we decided we would take a stroll out on Monday evening as well.

Of course we started where we left off, parking by the church in Crosby On Eden.  It was at this point I realised my camera didn't have a memory card in, so  I had to borrow a camera, hence the poor photographs this time.

Walking up the road towards Crosby Lodge, a country house hotel in beautiful surroundings, we turned left just before we reached it and crossed a bridge over the A689.

Our route then took us past a farm, where cute little Shetland ponies were eating their dinner.

We then walked up a little lane, with trees either side, and onto a country roads. At the point the rain started, and the waterproofs dug out of the rucksacks !

The next road we came to was a muddy farmland road, so narrow you wouldn't want to meet a trac...... tor!
Or FOUR !!!

Four times we had to climb into the hedge to let the farm vehicles past, not fun with a daft Spaniel!!

We passed the farm, and crossed a little road to then walk through about 6 fields.  Field after field, grass after grass.  Still, by this point it had stopped raining and the coats were now tied around our waists.

Saw some cute bunnies about the same size as my fist.  (Dotty Dog was well and truly on the lead now, bunny smells excited her somewhat!)

The last field was an interesting one, first it started off with a wall..... unfortunately not Hadrian's Wall, but a wall made from tyres,

Into the field we walked across a mount, built up from both sides, we wondered if this was actually the site of the wall, but who knows?  The field had obviously been something, it was very uneven and unnatural.  Very interesting.  It also had a tiny little tarn in the centre.

At the end of this field we found a box, as there was a sign saying "temporary toilet" i was being wound up that you actually squatted in this box and did your doo. Reluctantly I lifted the lid and it was full of goodies  :)   PHEW!

We left the field and onto a road, where we were on our last leg towards the village of Newtown.

We ended on the village green, where we will park to start next time :)

Total walked today- approx 4.5 miles.  Time spent - approx 2.00 hrs walking.

Grand Total - Miles 25.5 / Time 10.45 hours.

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  1. Glad you at least saw some mounds where the wall might have been! Not to mention Mitchelin's Wall!