Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Carlisle - Crosby On Eden

A nice crisp morning on Sunday when we set off for our wall-walk.

Staring where we left off at the modern art sculpture behind the Sands Centre, we headed off in the direction of Rickerby and away from Eden Bridges (this photo is looking backwards to the bridge)

Heading towards Rickerby, we had to walk inbetween Stoneyholm Golf Course and the River Eden.  It was just a short trot until the Suspension Bridge came into view in Rickerby Park.  

(A memorial suspension bridge from St Aidans Road was erected along with the cenotaph and on the 25th May 1922, Rickerby Park was formally opened and handed over to the City of Carlisle for the benefit of the public.) 
This is a walk we do quite regularly with Dotty Dog.

Past the golf club, we then walked over the bridge, taking time to take a little photo from the bridge.

This view is looking back towards Carlisle.....

This one is looking away from the City ....

And through the gate into Rickerby Park.

Rickerby Park is a beautiful park with some gorgeous huge trees.  Great for collecting conkers when you are young :)

If you look across the park you can see the Civic Centre as mentioned in a previous blog.

A little further on is the Cenotaph.
The war memorial cenotaph is situated in the centre of the park and was originally dedicated to the fallen of World War I.
An imposing but simple structure, the memorial bears the following WWI inscription which reads:“To the immortal memory of the men and women of Cumberland and Westmorland who gave their lives during the Great War and in honour of the glorious services of Border Regiment, Westmorland and Cumberland Yeomanry, Cumberland Brigade Royal Field Artillery and The Westmorland Detachment R.A.M.C”. 

After Dotty had a paddle in a filthy puddle it was time to leave the park and head on up into the village of Rickerby.

On leaving the park we walked up a little path inbetween the road into Rickerby and some corn fields.

Past the entrance to what was Eden School, this is the Study Quiet at the gate.

A little further on the left is "Folly's Tower" - In fields just beyond Rickerby Park is an octagonal Victorian folly tower erected by George Head Head. He owned Rickerby House in the 19th Century, at a time when towers and turrets were in vogue. There are several more towers built into the Rickerby Gardens and Farm buildings. , I wouldn't mind living in that!!

In the actual village is another very old building which has above the door "Boys School 1835".

Leaving the village took us out onto the main road and over the M6 motorway and towards the village of Linstock.

This is the view looking South.

Then it was time for lunch, and as it happens there was a nice little picnic table waiting for us on the side of Linstock.

Lunch today was Egg May Sarnies :)

In an attempt to keep Dotty Dog from drinking out of muddy puddles, we purchased this cool cadget, it slips onto water bottles and then clips onto your belt.

She had one slurp then refused to even look at it!!

Dinner over, we walked through Linstock, a pretty little village with some lovely houses.

Out of the village and onto a muddy country lane, that we have come to know so well :)

This led us back along the River Eden, where there was some gorgeous flowers and fauna to photograph.
The end of the path brought us out between some houses and into the village of Low Crosby.

Walking through Low Crosby brought us to Crosby On Eden and a pub called The Stag, where we treated ourselves to a celebratory pint :)

Total walked today- approx 5 miles.  Time spent - approx 2.00 hrs walking + 15 mins eating lunch.

Grand Total - Miles 21 / Time 8.45 hours.

(Personal weight lost last week - 3lb , totalling -5lb :) )


  1. Great posts and pictures, Sooz. Is there no wall visible on this stretch?

  2. Nope, not seen one single brick as yet :)

    Next blog shows some interesting fields though.